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Ocean Sightseeing Cruise:

4-Hour Adventure

On this Cruise, the children and their families will take an exhilarating ocean adventure along the Southern California Coast. For pure inspiration this can be one of the most exhilarating days for everyone on the boat. With more dolphins in our local waters than anywhere in the continental United States, this is hands down, a child’s favorite.

On their 4-hour ocean adventure the children will have the possibility of seeing and interacting with sea lions, pelicans, seals, dolphins and perhaps even whales. Viewing these animals in their natural environment can be nothing short of spectacular and will give these children memories than can last a lifetime.

While at sea the children will get to see how the ocean and its creatures live and play and learn the names of all the animals we come in contact with. They will also learn about the ocean, its value to all of us, and how we can take care of it. We will have lunch and drinks on board and look forward to sharing the wonders of our ocean with these amazing kids.

Here’s a sample of the things they’ll see on the boat:

After our ocean adventure we will post some of the photos on our website for the families to view. We also encourage the children and their families to share any photos they take.

How to Share Photos

Just email your photos to Sometimes it works best when you just email 1 photo at a time as an attachment (because the photo’s file size can vary).

List of Items to Bring on your

Ocean Sightseeing Cruise

  1. 1.Sweatshirt, Jacket or Sweater (no matter what the weather is)--just in case you get cold

  2. 2.Sunglasses

  3. 3.Baseball cap or Sunhat

  4. 4.Sunscreen

  5. 5.Things the children need to have with them for any special needs (necessary medicines, devices, etc.)—please let us know about something we may need to help with or learn about

  6. 6.Camera

  7. 7.Binoculars

  8. 8.Comfortable Shoes (tennis shoes or rubberized sandals can help you stand steady onboard). No dress shoes.

  9. 9.Wear Casual Clothing

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at

(949) 735-0449

Ocean Adventure Tours

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Newport Beach, CA 92660