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We’d like to mention organizations that are Affiliates of Ocean Adventure Tours, and to say how very much we appreciate their own positive youth programs and the good they are doing for our young people.  We are happy to see we share mutual goals!

“Making differences

in people’s lives

every day”™


The ANAHEIM POLICE ACTIVITIES LEAGUE (APAL) and COPS 4 KIDS (C4K) was established to serve children age 5 to 17 in Anaheim by creating recreational, educational and cultural activities that offer alternatives to choosing gangs, drugs and violence. THE ANAHEIM POLICE DEPARTMENT contributes much by supporting, counseling and staffing these activities. Their goal is to keep kids in school, build up their positive self-image, develop interpersonal skills, and create good  relationships between youth, the police and the community.

The ANAHEIM POLICE ACTIVITIES LEAGUE (APAL) and COPS 4 KIDS (C4K) are Affiliates of Ocean Adventure Tours, helping to promote inspiring activities and events that assist in childrens’ growth, happiness and future.

Community Home Sales is an Affiliate of Ocean Adventure Tours and hopes to bring assistance to children who need it by sponsoring these wonderful ocean adventures.

           Bill Kuhn, CEO

Advantage Mortgage Service is proud to be an Affiliate of the Ocean Adventure Tours charity and its ongoing efforts to uplift and inspire many children and their families.

           Bill Kuhn, CEO

SANTA ANA PAAL (POLICE ATHLETIC & ACTIVITY LEAGUE) is an organization that creates trust between youth and law enforcement through its recreational, athletic and educational activities for young people in Santa Ana. Their sponsors include the SANTA  ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT which created the program, THE CITY OF SANTA ANA, and the SANTA ANA POLICE OFFICER’S ASSOCIATION, among others.

SANTA ANA PAAL is an Affiliate of Ocean Adventure Tours, supporting efforts to give children opportunities to discover new possibilities, develop self-esteem, feel that their community cares about them, learn about the ocean and its creatures, and build a successful future by having positive role models and experiences.

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