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“What is more rewarding than giving someone the memory of a good experience

they’ll never forget ?”

“The ocean has a healing power
 all its own and if we could bottle it, 
it would be one of the greatest medicines ever created.”

“Making differences

in people’s lives

every day”

Harbor Boats

As a native son of Southern California I have a blessed opportunity to share with others the awe-inspiring magnificence of our beautiful wild sea life such as Dolphins, Sea Lions, Blue, Gray, and Orca Whales!, all living and migrating off our scenic SoCal coastal waters.

Ocean Adventure Tours is a non-profit charitable organization we created, dedicated to sharing these aquatic wonders and wild sea life spectaculars off our SoCal Cote d’Azure with children with cancer, disabilities, or who are going through difficult times.

If you know of a child in need of a special day, please 
reach out to us. Call, email or write us. We’re happy to receive any and all forms of communication. 
We look forward to sharing!

Yours Truly,
“Captain Billy”
William Kuhn, CEO

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